GNG Invests in pioneering digital print technology.

GNG Invests in pioneering digital print technology.

GNG Group has implemented a new application for the process of lamination and made another significant investment into our printing capabilities.

The Landor Liquid Laminator can apply a smooth, durable and consistent coating of water-based liquid laminate up to 1.5m wide at a speed of 1m per minute. This innovative and proven system provides a cost effective and simple laminating solution.

GNG Group are now able to further utilise the benefit of digital printing across many more of our products, with the added advantages of bespoke imagery, lower MOQ’s and improved lead times of up to 50%. To ensure maximum protection our laminates are specifically formulated for a variety of inks and applications. The water-based liquid laminates protect our prints against UV exposure, moisture, abrasion, chemical damage and marring. The digital print process is also ISO 22196:2011 Antimicrobial Test Certified.

As the UK’s leading performance foam product manufacturer, our digitally printed products will help our customers meet ever rising demands for bespoke imagery with industry leading quality guaranteed especially in the field of rugby training equipment. Contact us to discuss your digitally printed performance foam product requirements.

Examples of our current digitally printed sports products.

Rugby post padsSouth Leeds Spartans Rugby Post PadsAdcock rugby post padsLand Rover Rugby Post Pad