How often does the IUD change

There are many types of intrauterine contraceptive devices, so the length of their placement varies. Below, I will introduce the placement period of several IUDs commonly used in China as follows:

1. Medicine copper ring 165 intrauterine device, can be stored for 8-15 years.

2. The active r-type IUD can be stored for 5 years.

3. The Vcu type IUD can be stored for 5 years.

4. TCu220c can be stored for 8 years.

5. Tcu380A can be stored for 8 years.

6. Palace copper IUD can be placed for a long time.

7. Mati Le 375 intrauterine contraceptive device and active yuan uterine ring can be placed for 5 and 8 years respectively.

8. The Gini type intrauterine device can be stored for more than 5 years.

9. Release the levonorgestrel intrauterine device, which can be placed for 5 years.

10. Anshu ring can be placed for a long time.

11. The validity period of the intrauterine contraceptive device produced in Finland that releases 20 mg of L-18-Methyl Norethindrone can be up to 10 years.

In addition, the following situations also need to take out the IUD:

1. Those who plan to have another child

2. Switch to other contraceptive measures

3. Ineffective treatment or complications due to side effects, such as infection, incarcerated or broken IUD, ectopic IUD, falling off IUD, pregnancy with a device, etc.

4. One year menopause

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